Hot Melt Electric Heater Hose: 24 Foot


OEM Part Number(s):

  • Indemax N23K24
  • Nordson® 274797
  • Slautterback® 21227-24
  • Nordson® X274797
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Product Description

Hot melt heater hoses are made of durable material that allows high temperature liquid hot melt to travel through them. The most vital part of a hot melt heater hose is the core where adhesive travels through. All of our hoses are made with quality materials to ensure your hot melt hose is not only effective, but long lasting.


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Our rugged and dependable heater hoses are designed with a unique core that gives them added durability. They provide exact temperature control and can be used for a variety of products.

A great hose for food grade applications, cosmetic manufacturing or anywhere that a consistent application temperature is required.


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