A reliable applicator with a long-lasting, durable
nozzle is hard to come by.

Lucky for you, we’ve been making them for over 37 years.

Finding a tough applicator that has a long life is something we’ve spent almost 4 decades designing and improving. Let us know what you need and we’ll ship you a product you can trust, guaranteed.

Where reliability meets precision.

You have too much riding on your line of production to be stopped by faulty equipment, downtime and replacement costs.

When your hot melt processes come to a halt due to inconsistencies or imprecise applications, it costs you time to stop and replace your equipment plus money in buying new parts.

We build and test our parts to enusre their performance, backing them up with our 100% money back guarantee. When you want to save on costs and time—without paying OEM prices—order from us.

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